Follow Spots

There are many models and styles of follow-spot available today, from 300W club spots, to 4500W xenon spotlights suitable for use in sports arenas. While every follow-spot offers its own package of features and benefits, the first question you should ask when choosing a follow-spot is, “what’s my throw?”

The throw of a follow-spot refers to the approximate distance from the spotlight to the performer it is lighting. In most theaters and schools, the spotlight position will be at the rear of the auditorium, sometimes at audience level, and sometimes in a balcony or catwalk. Once you’ve determined that distance, you’ll be on the way to finding your perfect follow-spot!

Following are some suggested models the various ranges of follow-spots, along with venues they might be best-suited for. Please be sure to do your own calculations, though! Your required throw distance is unique to your venue, so don’t let anyone label you!